The Philippine Headache Society Established in 2014

Headache is the oldest malady of man but Headache Medicine is a relatively young field. After Hippocrates vividly described migraine in 400 BC, it was only in the 1960’s when research on headache and migraine took off.
In the Philippines, the pioneer is Dr Regina Macalintal Canlas who trained under Professor James Lance at the University of New South Wales, Pirince Henry Hospital. She enticed the other pillars of headache medicine in the country, Dr. Ramon Javier and Dr. Amado San Luis.
Dr Regina Canlas represented the Philippines in many international headache conferences having been involved in headache research. She also served as the Secretary General of the Asian Regional Headache Congress, the subcommittee of the Inernational Headache Society in Asia.
She has definitely inspired neurologists to specialize in Headache Medicine. In 2013, the first batch of attendees to the Headache Master School of the International Headache Society who earned their certification were Dr. Martha Lu-Bolanos, Dr. Corina Macalintal, Dr. Maria Socorro Sarfati, Dr. Wilson Tulmo and Dr. Salome Vios.
In 2018, the second batch under the International Headache Society and the Australian New Zealand Headache Society were Dr. Rogie Marie Alcantara, Dr. Greg Dayrit, Dr. Joel Janolino, Dr. Marietta Olaivar, Dr. Rosalina Picar, Dr. Maria Lina Renales, Dr. Artemio Roxas, Jr., Dr. Cymbeline Santiago and Dr. Michelli Yusay.
In 2014, the Philippine Headache Society was organized with Dr. Regina Macalintal Canlas as president. But even before the national headache society was established, through her leadership, she steered the activities of the Headache Council of the Philippine Neurological Association. First of the council’s output was the Handbook of Headache Management launched in 2000. This year, the Headache Council under the keadership of Dr Martha Lu-Bolanos will be coming out with the second edition which will contain updates on headache management.
Headache Medicine remains a fertile field for research on pathophysiology and management. It is anchored on education and training to be able to help and enpower persons with headache.